Five things

inspired by:

Five things in my bag

  • hackeysack, though I don’t use it nearly enough
  • a Guatemalan worry doll
  • train schedule from Freiburg to Loerrach
  • my mp3 player
  • a book on Shakespeare in 1599

Five favourite things in my flat

  • my hammock
  • my big European map from 1983
  • enlarged photographs of some of my travels
  • my machete
  • washing machine

Five things I really like at the moment

  • listening to Howard Stern
  • Watching the Daily Show
  • goat cheese
  • hammocking
  • my growing tie collection

Five things I have always wanted to do

  • find a way to travel and write and photograph for living
  • start a family, though I’m not in a rush
  • eat Mexican food everyday for a week
  • visit every country in Europe
  • Be fluent in Spanish and German

One Response to Five things

  1. princess says:

    Growing tie collection! You’re growing up!

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