Obama akbar

Before beginning this short blog post, I want to make a caveat by saying that I have already been disappointed numerous times by Obama as president (DOJ’s brief on telecom immunity, his banking rescue plan, the stimulus package having too many tax cuts, his faith-based initiatives, etc, and it’s only been a month) but with that said…

Today after my class with the lawyers (we talked about the 5-year old of one of them having a birthday party and about the small apartment of the other), I went to a department store, bought a new, light brown t-shirt for 4.50euros and then over to the print shop.  There I chose a font called Pescadero and a color called Petrol which is something like a hungover turquoise.  I had them print the following on the shirt:

Obama akbar

This is a play on words for a couple of topics, namely Allah akbar, the famous Arabic phrase meaning “God is great/powerful”, usually yelled in battle or perhaps to another friend.  This plays on the idea of Obama as a god or antichrist, of which he is neither.  However, God does disappoint but more importantly, he makes you have hope and faith.  I truly believe that Obama is instilling hope and faith but it’s like he has moved into an old rundown house that used to be grand but the previous owners trashed the place, even breaking keys off in the door locks on their way out, ripping the drapes letting too much light get in and pissing on the carpet.  But this has given him the motivation to leave the door unlocked, allowing us, the citizen to be able to come in and see what is going on there, leaving the curtains as they are, allowing the transparency that is needed in this world.  You can go to omb.gov and see what the budget of 2009 entails.  He is cleaning the carpets.  He is doing all of this with a weary smile on his face as he attempts to shield us from the worst atrocities left in the house (the old foreigner grandmother tied up in the attic and the broken open safe with all the family money gone) so that we can still feel like this house will once again be presentable and we can invited friends and family over.

I am at a point in my life that I think we need to turn a little inward as a nation and inspire those in America who want it to be better to do something to improve their communities.  I think a lot of us are willing to do something but we don’t know what to do or where to do it or when to start.  I think if he were to give us The Word, many of us would do what we could to help, like a Peace Corps within the country.  Many people don’t want to make lots of money, they want to lead satisifying lives.  And so, as we await the word, I say to as we pass on the Internet Boulevard: Obama akbar.  It certainly is better than my other political shirt from the last administration: Go Cheney Yourself!


One Response to Obama akbar

  1. Corrie says:

    OK, so I favorited that website and plan on being more aware of what my government is doing. Or atleast feeling that I am aware. I never believe they are providing me with accurate information. I always feel like my government is feeding me lies and cover ups. I never did like politics. I even had to think about how to spell politics. Now that I am older and thinking about babies, I feel like I should try to be more informed, even if that entails being force fed a bunch of BS.

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