Octuplets and Portugal

The story of the lady who had octuplets recently is growing more and more trainwreckerous by the day.  She’s barely in contact with the father of all 14 children, 3 of whom are disabled.  She receives social security for those 3 and some other kind of assistance and 490 dollars of food stamps a month (all of which in and of itself is perfectly fine) but then claimed that she has never been on welfare.

People who are on public assistance should not be allowed to visit a fertility clinic solely to increase the number of babies she can have.  If it is to have A baby, a first one, that’s one thing.  But she already has six children.  She went to a fertility clinic and had 8 more.  She’s studying at the university, 50,000 dollars in college debt (which in and of itself is perfectly fine) but she’s now got 14 children and she’s all alone.  I mean, what the fuck.  This is insane.  I’m a liberal and I feel people should be able to do whatever it is they want to do to themselves but I just find this wrong.  If you break it down into little pieces it’s all copacetic but when put together, piled together with a mayonnaise slather of what the fuck holding it all together.

And wholly different note, Franziska and I are going to the train station just before midnight on Saturday night and are going to be on one train for a little under 3 hours, then we have 40 minutes to kill at the train station at 4am and then a bus for about 75 minutes.  We’ll be at the airport 3.5 hours early but it was the ONLY possible connection for us to get there.  We’ll fly 2.5 hours to NW Portugal, a city called Porto.  A direct bus from the airport brings us within 200 meters of our 4-star hotel the first two nights of our 10 nights. It should be in the mid 50s-low 60s sunny weather, I need that!


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