definition: a violation of allegiance to one’s country, esp. by attempting to overthrow the government.

If President Obama instructs General Petraeus to bring him a 16-month withdrawl timeline and the General says on radio, tv and/or newspapers that this is not going to feasible or even Ray Odierno, the commander in charge of forces in Iraq says that the SOFA (American-Iraqi joint operating agreement that American soldiers must be out of the Iraqi cities this summer) is not going to be followed, is this not treason?  By not following protocol and rank, two of the highest ranking soldiers in the United States are actively attempting to undermine their commander-in-chief’s plan…I have respect for both of these men as soldiers, as having worked their way up and excelled in everything they’ve done, and served their country.  But the Bush years allowed “the Military” to dictate some policies.  Barack Obama is of course extremely interested in what the two soldiers have to say when they brief him in the Oval Office.  But when President Obama decides a course of action, those orders must be followed unless they are in direct violation of the Constitution.  No one has asserted such a thing.

**editor’s note: on retrospect this post looks a bit hysterical but I think I am still scarred and gun shy from the Bush Years where any form of opposition in opinion or direction was questioned as unpatriotic. What, you disagree? Don’t you love America?  🙂


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