Growing disappointment

Obama has been president exactly a week now.  I already feel disappointment.  It’s weird, because he’s attempting to be post-partisan and reach across the aisle to the Republicans.  Now I am all for people working together on important issues but I don’t seriously think that the Republicans are negotiating in good faith.  I think he is already putting too many tax cuts into the Stimulus Plan and in the end the Republicans aren’t going to vote for it anyway.  Hell, the Democrats don’t even need the Republicans to pass the plan.  Have we already forgotten how the Republicans treated the Democrats during the past 8 years?  Seriously, the Republicans completely ignored the Democrats and gave them nothing, never once compromising on anything.  The only times that ever may have happened is when the public overwhelmingly sided with the Democrats.

Now here we are, the country is in dire straits, conservatism and its “ideals” have failed.  The United States has tortured people, and now we learn that the White House can’t even find all the files on the detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Can you imagine being held for 5 years in a black hole and when a light begins to shine on righteousness, they can’t even find the files in order to prosecute those who are really guilty.  Corporations that have taken TARP government bailout money are buying 50 million dollar French jets, not even buying American for god’s sake.  They take government aka taxpayer money and spend it on a jet.  They are spending government aka taxpayer money in order to lobby the government in order to loosen the rules on the TARP bailout money.  Policemen are using their taser guns with impunity.

And there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  It isn’t necessarily Obama but what he espouses.  Simple things like not torturing human beings is going to use LOTS of his political capital.  Can you imagine how far we have come? And please, do not give me some Jack Bauer “24” scenario where there is a ticking time bomb.  Experts have testified that this has never happened as far as they know and yet that is what we were basing torture on.  It makes no sense.

Please Obama, don’t forget that the American people want you to change things.  You were given a mandate for this.  Negotiating with the very people who got us into this mess who are going to embarass you at every turn.  Hell, you had dinner with some conservative columnists last week and not only a week later they are all blasting him.  Why are you wasting time with them?  You know what you need to do.  Please do it.


One Response to Growing disappointment

  1. Erik says:

    As someone who is trying to sell their house, this has really hit home (no pun intended) for me. Since I’m not willing to take a huge loss, I’m going to try to refinance and rent it – fortunatly I have pretty good credit. All of this money being sent to the banks, and it’s nearly impossible to get a loan. Ridiculous

    As for the right, what they are doing is a joke. Totally clueless, and eventually Obama is going to have to go around them & hope it works. I appreciate that he’s trying to work with them, but it seems very one sided at the moment.

    Seriously – tax cuts? That’s the solution??


    this covers things pretty well.

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