Political analysis


The above address is from a comments section of a blog called ‘Lawyers, Guns and Money’.  This seems to me to be a way to deal with the awkward situation of prosecuting high government officals for authorizing torture, another serious topic Obama has to deal with in one way or another now, just like the economic crisis, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, New Orleans still unfinished, tremendous job losses, Wall Street shaken, as is consumer confidence. This might be the best idea, here below, a commenter who also read the blog

Well, the sensible thing to do is to allow the torturers to be prosecuted by another signatory, with our approval, and to simply refuse to allow the US to be a party to the case for the defense. So I recommend the kind of sting operation that works so well with low level criminals. Send Cheney et al a “you have been invited to an all expenses paid trip to Lichtenstein/spain/etc…” and arrange privately to have them arrested by some hyperactive judge and prosecutor once they get there. Then the US government jumps backwards one step and says “we are unable to confirm that what you did was under color of US law because it violated our treaty obligations *on its face* and, oh yeah, sucks to be you.”


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