The world economy is falling apart. I have felt a little bit of it with one of my two company jobs letting me know they won’t need me this year until at least October and the other one not having written me back at all.  Feeling the crunch a bit, I told one of my bosses I would work at 8:15am-9:45am the next 3 Mondays, just to stay in good with that employer. I am “down” to only five employers right now and this week I’m only teaching 22 hours, when normally I am up to 30 hours around this time.

But you know what? I am doing just fine.  I have enough money to live for all of 2009 without earning one penny.  That feeling along makes each morning easier to get up and go to work.

Today I took two trains and walked 15 minutes for a total commute of one hour and 50 minutes each way to/from work.  I didn’t start until 11:45am so that meant the 10:15am train would be right.  I taught 5 full hours today, teaching them about qualities necessary for getting a job, and then they interviewed each other, did a quiz on proper email etiquette and then finally I put them into groups of 6 and they had managment meetings for a major fashion retail chain.

Something that sucked about the experience is that after this long ass commute to work, I am taking my last step into the building when my winter jacket catches on the corner of one of the tiles next to the door and before I know it, a small, penny-sized square rip has shown up on my right sleeve. The innards of my nice, new waterproof jacket could be seen when I fingered the rip.

I am taking my jacket and one of my shoes to be repaired at different places tomorrow morning after my morning class. Both places will probably say a week.  They always say a week and I think, come on dude, this thing will take you five minutes and we’ll be done with each other. I have cash, I sing as a lullaby.  Nope, it’s gonna take a week.

But the jacket is just one of my many new possessions, along with hiking boots, a pair of shoes, a new travel backpack and today, after work while eating my oven pizza (was too lazy to cook the pork steaks, tomorrow for lunch!), I bought a new work bag.  The one I have now is okay, it is still in okay shape but the water bottle mesh parts are slowly ripping and the shoulder pad is breaking up and not totally comfortable. If I had to use this bag another 2 years, that would be perfectly fine but I saw a student today with a Timberland bag and I was totally checking it out. In the break he even showed me on the website.  74euros.  Ouch, that was way more than I wanna spend on a new work bag I don’t even need.  So I checked out the timberland site, nothing good and then to, where I have bought bags in the past and they happened to have the final day of a sale on some Timberland work bags bringing the cost of one passable work bag from 69.99 down to only 25.99.  With the shipping a little more than 7 bucks to my parents in California and the current exchange rate at 1.31 (down from 1.44 a month ago), that Timberland bag (not the same one he has), this one: is only going to cost me 25 euros.  Now, is it worth it to save those 50 euros?  I am travelling to California in March and will meet my parents in San Francisco and then I will pick up the bag there and bring it back here.  I won’t have the bag for 2 months.  I have to bring it back here.  Does that still make it worth saving the 50euros and the answer is…



And because I don’t live in the States, I am totally out of the loop on the inauguration and the whole “change” happening with the changing of the guard in Washington.  Tomorrow is a big day.

And that is stuff.


One Response to Stuff

  1. Mike says:

    Well worth the savings. The anticipation will make it that much better when you get the bag in March.

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