I had my private lesson tonight.  We drove an hour in the snow and rain and ice to my apartment. He came 13 minutes late because of the weather.  We talked about our holiday seasons, him spending New Year’s in Weimar and seeing an operetta and a one-man Goethe play.  We talked about his orchestrating the sale of his boss’ (the Prince) brewery that had been in his family since 1258 when it was founded.

Think about that for a second.  233 years before Columbus discovered the New World, the noble family started a brewery. The dude today still lives in a castle and his married to an Italian princess.  It’s good stuff no doubt but here is the best part.  And it’s funny, he left without paying and  I didn’t even care because of course he’s good for it. He called me and then ran back up the steps (4 floors) to give me the money.  I went down 1.5 floors to meet him.

As a foreigner arrived at these lusty shores nigh 6 years ago, today I had the money manager of a prince run up my steps in order to give me money.  It’s been a good six years.


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