At my desk in my “office” aka the corner of my bedroom, I just put up a National Geographic map of Europe up in front of me.  It is complete with East Germany, the USSR and Yugoslavia as entities.  It’s quite fascinating and it makes me think how much the world has changed in a mere 25 years.  This must be one of the eras with the most change in a quarter century, what with the fall of one of history’s great empires, The Soviet Union, the widespread use of the Internet for all aspects of life and well me becoming an adult!

I taught a new class in Loerrach today.  It was 4.5 hours of teaching which may not sound like a lot but having to entertain and to capture the attention of 30 students all in their early 20s is not easy.  It takes a lot of energy. I taught the countries of Europe in English, and we had a couple of hours on some groupwork, coming up with a new slogan and can design for a company like Red Bull that wants to expand into new countries and regions of the world.

Tomorrow I only have one class but I am also going to exercise, do some writing and look for some hosts for us in Portugal, wish me luck!


One Response to 1983

  1. Mike says:

    You’re using Market Leader, aren’t you?

    (Is it sad that I know that?)

    (Is it even worse that I used a question tag to ask that?)

    Ah well. Doesn’t matter. Congrats on your six years!

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