End of the weekend

I have to fully start this year.  I have been in Germany now the past two weeks but I am still getting adjusted. I just came home from O’Kellys where I unfortunately had to watch my buddy Gregg’s team lose against their hated rivals, the Eagles.  Not a pretty sight.  However, I just had two beers so I was able to squeeze out of there relatively unmolested. Sometimes it’s about sticking around a bit longer and having some drinks but tonight I was “good”.

I had a great day with FRanziska, we had a nice breakfast, watched some West Wing, went for a walk in the Black Forest and talked about our future and then came back and made dinner, talked to my folks and then to the aforementioned O’Kellys.

I have a 4-day workweek for the next month starting tomorrow.  Yes, you can feel bad for me but it will be good for me to earn some proper money.  I haven’t had a full week’s wages since early December! Funny how I consider a full week 4 days.  I like it here.

Yo yo yo!


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