So, I visited another world class city yesterday.  We got a late start and got home earlier than I had imagined but was quite impressed by the size and industry of the city. We mostly shopped, walked around and checked out a church but still, I thought it was a very nice city and am glad that I should have opportunities in the future to visit it again.

People are ice skating on the lake outside the apartment which is, I believe, the first time I have seen such a thing in nature.  A So Cal boy grows up and sees the world, I guess.  Except for the growing up part.

I will be in Freiburg tomorrow for the first time in more than 3 weeks. I am looking forward to being in my crappy apartment, listening to music and maybe even watching a West Wing episode or two with my lady.

I had a currywurst for lunch and then made the mistake of ordering matjes for dinner which was salted raw fish when I thought I was getting like breaded fish filet and this morning we had weisswurst, a Bavarian specialty where the skin must be taken off and they are eaten with pretzel and sweet mustard.  Also a hefeweizen beer but none of us get stomach that right now…


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