Sager Halle

Well that was interesting.  After an absolutely incredible dinner in courses here at the apartment of tomato soup, and then salad with goat cheese and filet mignon with baked potato, the 4 youngins headed out into the night. We took at 15 euro taxi (thanks, Hartmut!) to a place by the train station and paid 14 euros to go into a large Horst Club, loud and nearly empty. We started drinking right away to give a sense of equilibrium. We all had on the 2009 tiaras I had brought from California and the place slowly filled up, but that wasnt good enough for Yogi and I so we drank some Jaegermeisters, four of them to be exact.

We ended up having a good time, but mostly because the four of us are fun people and we did not have to talk to any of the couple hundred people who ended up showing up at this place.   there was a 20 minute section of dj music I knew, like Amy Winehouse but that was it. It was mostly techno and some German schlager music and it was funny to see Franziska and her brother singing these songs.  There were lots of strange people at the party, not to mention the dude in Billie Jean outfit dancing alone for the first hour we were there.

We got lucky with a taxi having only had to wait 2 minutes before it came, driven by a Pakistani dude who has been in New Monster 30 years. He was driving 120km/hour in a 50km zone but got us home quickly. We had some snacks and chilled out for an hour and were in bed by 4am. For some reason I was up at 9.30am. I am tired but gratefully not hungover. I guess that is the least you can expect when you go out drinking all night at 34, right?

Happy New Year, ya´ll!


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