New Monster

We went out for drinks last night and boy, that was a shock to the senses.  The four of us, Franziska and I, her brother and his girlfriend, went into the city.  Our first stop was cut short when there were some young men playing and yelling in the street.  Franziska and her brother were like, ok, back in the car, come on.  People get shot in this town.  Come on, lets go! It was pretty funny and an auspicious beginning to my girlfriend’s hometown.

We then went to a place called Post Keller and it was a bar for men who are in their 30s and 40s and may be unemployed and they like to smoke. It felt a little uncomfortable in there and did little to help my impressions. Then we went to Kontraste, a nicer place but it was nearly empty except that Yogi, Franziska’s brother, knew 2 people in there so he did not want us to keep using the real names of people we were discussing because maybe one of their friends would be there.

We wanted to go to Klatsch after that but it was closed at midnight so we went to Viviano above the Subway sandwich shop. We actually had to walk through subway to get to it and it was closing and they didnt want to sell us drinks but then he acquiesced and insisted we should have a free shot as well.  We drank our beers and then came home, where Franziska’s parents had also just arrived.  We had another glass of champagne and went to bed around 2am but didnt fall asleep until 3am.

I woke up at 11.50am and had breakfast and now we are chilling in the living room. We are going to a public party tonight to celebrate the new year. I will let you know how it went!


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