I am in northern Germany, my friends! I have never been this far north in Germany, just a mere hour from the Danish border.  I am still jetlagged but am chilling out quite warmly in Franziska´s parents´house.  I landed on time yesterday, everything worked out well except for not having a seat for the first 2+ hours of my 4.5 hour journey and sat in the hallway of the train car.

Franziska and her pops picked me up at the station and drove me to their place, a bit out of town but on a small lake with some strange-looking large animals out the window. They are the size of cows but with very shaggy brown hair and huge horns.

Her brother and his girlfriend are makign some mussels for us (but not for Franziska, she doesnt like seafood) and I am excited to try them out.

Not so much to report but wanted to let ya’ll know that I am safe and sound in northern Deutschland!  By the way, it is only about 27 degrees outside right now!!!


One Response to Neumünster

  1. Michael says:

    the shaggy beasts are scottish highland cows, not native to northern germany, but used to the cold. very friendly.

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