A can of whoop ass


This country needs a can of whoop ass.  I have noticed what seems to be a slow disintegration of the country. It’s hard to explain but can be noted in these point:

  • the bathrooms at the movies last night full of piss. Either people didn’t flush or the toilets weren’t working. Either way is unacceptable.
  • Shitty service at every restaurant I go to.  These people should be working to serve us and it’s like they are doing us a favor bringing us another drink.  I always bitch about the service in Germany but at least you don’t have to tip 20% for shitty service.
  • All that matters is profit for companies.  Income disparity has gotten to a point where a CEO makes upwards for 300 times what his workers make.  60 years ago that number was more like 20 times.  Now this isn’t at every company but we are talking about the companies that are taking money from the government.
  • We have nationalized losses while keeping profit privatized.  That is straight up bullshit.  The banks are getting billions of dollars and they are “declining” to tell us how the money is being spent.  Can you believe the gall of that? It gets worse.
  • Bank of America has received more than 20 billion dollars.  They spent 7 of it on the purchase of a Chinese bank. And they announced last week that they are planning to lay off 30,000 workers.  Let me get this straight. You’ve taken billions of taxpayer money and you’re using it to fire your workers? Our children are paying their future taxes in order to have their parents laid off? Do I understand this correctly?
  • And apparently the application form for money from this bailout is 2 pages long.  TWO pages long to apply for billions of dollars??? If want to get a car loan for 10,000 dollars the application form is longer than that.

And this is what I mean.  The past years have been very good to a very small percentage of people and the rest of us, financially speaking, it’s been crap.  People are worse off now than they were 8 years ago.  Our parents had a better chance at making a comfortable living than we have.  And how are we dealing with it? Giving money to banks with no oversight and then they fire us to increase their dividend payments… Uh huh.


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