Back “home”

Man, was that the longest long weekend in San Francisco!

Got there Wednesday night, had a great dinner with cousin whose 54th birthday it was and then the next day found Oli and Fox at their pretty nice hotel (though their room stunk to high heaven and had beer cans strewn about!) to the good enough hotel that was close to the Fillmore that I had booked.  We went to Fisherman’s Wharf, IHOP, and then back to the room before we went to the Fillmore to wait in line to see the Black Crowes.  They boys were real troopers, waiting in line and having a beer or two with me but they didn’t end up goin in because they didn’t have tix.

As with all 3 nights of the Crowes, I didn’t go down to the floor but rather was up in the balcony so I should see the whole band well.  They played their hearts out, and in the 3 nights they did not repeat one song which in and of itself is a pretty impressive feat.

The second night the boys did go, as did my cousin, and we had a pretty wild night ending with David making us some quesadillas around 1am.  That was nice of him.

Saturday we checked out Oakland a bit and then checked into our hotel at Geary/Van Ness again and I went back over to the venue for the last night.  Saw a lot of old Crowes fans from many years back and it was a reunion of sorts and was a good experience.

Sunday, we were slow, it was raining but Oli and I  went back to Oakland and had a nice brunch with my cousin and his son Willy and my aunt at a place called the Fat Lady.

Oli and I got to the airport 90 minutes before our flight left, a reasonable amount of time if our plane hadn’t left 3.5 hours late! I also had a beer spilled on me at the bar while waiting for our flight.  Fox was waiting for us at the Long Beach airport when we got in and drove us in his newly rented Jeep back to my parents’ house with me goin to bed around 2am.  It’s 9:45am now, I’m exhausted and looking forward to a couple of low key days before the holidays really start!

ps Our plans of goin to Morocco have changed.  It’s hard to explain but not just for me or for Franziska, but Morocco was starting to look less and less like what we wanted for our holiday in February.  It was goin to be stressful and difficult in ways I think we were not mentally prepared for again and so with whole hearted approval of her folks 🙂 we booked our tix to go to Portugal for 10 days.  I have not been to Portugal since September 2005 and it, besides London and Amsterdam and Malaga in Spain, is one of the few places that I will be going back to visit again. I’m really excited, it’s a beautiful country and the food is pretty good and of course the weather is pretty humane, something that is nice to have in February so…


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  1. Mc says:

    You’ll be visiting Norway again too

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