So a dude threw shoes at Bush at a press conference in Iraq. I don’t think he should have done it but I cannot say he was totally without cause.  He should be processed through the justice system as attempted assault.  Should he be tortured or his family killed for what he’s done? Of course not.  But the problem is with moral relativity.

If it is such a violation for this guy to have thrown shoes at Bush, what about the injustices we have caused in that country?  Yes, women can vote now and the politicians are elected by the people, I will give you that, but at what cost? Has that really been worth the lives of 4300 Americans and more than 30,000 maimed and the the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis? What about all of the young women who have been forced into prostitution after their families fled to Jordan?  What about the increase of power to Iran? What about our national treasure, and spending 10 million dollars/hour in Iraq? With 10 billion dollars a month spent there, we could bail out many of our important industries in the United States.

We have tortured people, used illegal rendition, listened in on phone calls we shouldn’t have and suspended habeaus corpus.  Am I some crazy liberal for wanting to follow the Constitution?  And what is the big scandal of the day? Obama has been asked to wait by the US Attorney prosecuting the Blagojevich case a whole week before producing his report which says that no one had indecent contact with Blagojevich.  Now, i wasn’t intimately involved in the media scandalisation that was Clinton’s second term but Obama has yet to take office and there are already people doing everything they can to undermine him.  I’m so glad that “my” side playing by the rules is going to be reciprocated by the other side.

I don’t think the dude should have thrown shoes. 5 years ago they were beating the Saddam statue with shoes and now it is the man who liberated them. Maybe we should stop and ask a couple of questions of why that is. We never seem to stop and think anymore.  We just react.


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