I was out drinking a couple of nights ago with 2 friends of mine and they were saying some interesting things.  One was how “shitty” the service was.  Not just in the restaurant we were in but in all restaurants and stores.  The people working there were actually impeding the chance to buy stuff, one of them said. 

My buddy had a soccer game the next morning at 8am.  I know Germans love football but not many of them get up sunday morning to play an 8am game, do they? An interesting role reversal.

I volunteered with my mom today at a food bank.  Those are some good people, putting together shopping carts of food for people who need it.  Most of them were Spanish-speaking people.  The irony was one woman had a BMW. I’m not sure what to think about that but I was happy to help out one day.

I went to have lunch with some family yesterday which was a good time, as far as family time is concerned. 🙂

Oli and Fox are in the States, look out!

I’m flying to SF on Wednesday.

I have 3 Crowes shows this weekend, thu/fri/sat, my 27/28/29th shows ever by the Crowes, woohoo!

How you doing?


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