Weekend coming and…

…and I’m starting to feel better.

Sorry I haven’t been updating ya’ll with much lately, my folks were here and I was gone and then a friend from California, Chad, was just visiting and I know there will be very little sympathy out there but last week was my first 5-day workweek in 6 months and it kicked my ass!  So much so that I was hacking up half a lung, cough something nasty where it makes your brain momentarily dislodge before you are left with a nice little frog-sized amoeba of slime in your mouth.  It’s not as easy to find a place for it as might think.

Tonight I’m going to a play with Franziska.  It’s a play my buddy Kristian is in.  I’ve seen 3 of his plays in the last years and it’s important to support friends’ artistis ventures. The play is called “Princess Nicoletta”, a play on words for tomorrow’s holiday, “Nikolaus”, some holiday where kids get a present 3 weeks before Xmas.  I don’t understand it yet but it has something to do with cleaning your shoes.

It’s gray and cold and rainy as I look out my window.  The first thing I packed in my bag to take home to California: sandals and a pair of shorts… oh yeah!


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