Still Motion

I’m relatively inert in the hammock, but one of my favorite Black Crowes’ songs has come on from a show from Nov 10 2008 in Clearwater, Florida, “Wiser Time”, a roadsong for my college times.  “You ask me why another roadsong, funny but I bet you never left home” as Nate, Corrie and Jeff and I make a 13-hour drive from Flagstaff to Denver to see the Black Crowes September 28, 1996.  This song is motion and specifically reminds me of times in motion, purpose of motion, consequences of motion, reasons for motion, all of it.  And yet here I am in the hammock, still as hell:

“On a good day, I know it’s not every day, we can part the sea

Well, on a bad day, it’s not everday, glory just beyond our reach”

How can those lines not make you feel in church?  I’ve seen the Black Crowes 26 times, starting the day before my 21st birthday in Mesa, Arizona to this past April in Amsterdam.  I have plans to see them 3 times next month at the fabled Fillmore Theater in San Francisco.

By the end of next summer, I will have been in San Francisco 5 times since the beginning of 2008, a 18-month window.  That’s a lot of motion, isn’t it?  Amazing to think I’ve been in Brasov, Romania, San Francisco, and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua and Amsterdam and Vienna just in the past 9 months…a baby could have been born.


One Response to Still Motion

  1. Jenny says:

    1. Live music IS my religion. I don’t understand people who don’t have spiritual experiences at concerts.
    2. “in the past 9 months…a baby could have been born” one was! My daughter Caitlin, born New Years Day 2008 in Japan. 🙂

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