I’ve invented a new German word: Sanfransuechtig. Suechtig means “addicted to” and well, Sanfran is pretty easy to follow.  I just, pretty impulsively bought plane tickets to be in San Francisco for 11 days in March of next year.  Franziska will be there and we’ll be able to celebrate her birthday together again. This year it was in Vienna and next year in San Francisco, not a bad start, eh? Maybe we can find a play to go to and/or sneak away to Napa Valley for a night or two for wine tasting and fun.

It wasn’t the most professional thing I’ve ever done but nor was it the least professional.  It’s just one week or work missed, and I love that I can take these chances.  It’s fun. 🙂

Great brunch with my folks and Franziska and her friend Jan in the highest building in Freiburg, a great view of the snow that was still suck on the roofs.  Last night’s snow was one of those moments you never forget. Now it’s snowing, my parents are in their hotel room and probably watching tv and my mom is constantly looking out the window and giddy as a schoolgirl, I’m in the hammock and my window is full of snow. It’s gonna be interesting going to work tomorrow, I can’t wait!


2 Responses to Sanfransuechtig

  1. Mike says:

    Hey Jason! Yep, in Amsterdam now. Jet-lagged as all hell but looking forward to the next 4 weeks. Have to work while I’m here (that’s the whole reason for being here) but nice to do the same job in a different (and European) location.

    I won’t be in SF until the very very end of Dec (if then) but I should be around in March. Let’s meet up then.

    You ready to make your own book (photos or text) yet?


  2. Mooney says:

    Dude I just got back from San Fran. That’s where Lauren is from. I had a kick ass time. Looking forward to seeing you in December!
    Later skater..hope you’re feeling better.

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