Cold as hell!

Sorry I’ve been incommunicado all week, after barcelona, I was busy with work and then my parents came back into town last night.  They had a great time in Amsterdam and even had what can be called a “productive” time work-wise.  We went to dinner last night with some friends and colleagues, some damn good italian food, I was wild boar, franziska had rabbit which was delicious!

We went to the Australian place where a friend Kristina works and had some more drinks and desserts. Franziska and I caught the last tram home.

We had planned on going to Heidelberg today but my mom wasn’t feeling too well and it’s cold as hell here, literally at the freezing point and some light snow fluttering about which is really exciting for my parents, something they don’t get to see.  I think the last time my parents saw any snow was 3-4 years ago when they came to Freiburg to visit, how funny is that?

The first thing we did was get a sausage at the market around the big church and then we did some shopping. I am the proud owner of two new ties and 3 shirts and a new scarf. I’m gonna knock ’em dead at work on Monday. 🙂

Then we went to a flea market and bought some stuff, had some Turkish food for a late lunch and then my parents went back to the hotel and I came home so I could clean my room which needed it desperately.

We’re going to Tacheles for dinner tonight for some schnitzel and then probably an early night. I have not had enough sleep for about a week and I can feel how exhausted I am right now.

Today is the 45th anniversary of JFK being shot. As Vonnegut used to write, “so it goes”.


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