back from barthelona

What a great weekend.  Flew to Barcelona on Friday with Franziska and my parents.  We checked into a nice, modern hotel and enjoyed the town for a few hours before having a cocktail hour (with no cocktails) aka open bar at the hotel with about 75 other distributors for a dutch marine parts company.  People from probably 10 different countries, in order of dominance, dutch, americans, english, germans, norwegian, an australia and some various asian countries over in the corner. 🙂 Had a nice, festive dinner in the hotel with everyone and the next morning went into the city with the “wives”, me being the only guy among 11 people.  Had a group tour (with 2 tour buses) of park guell, sagrada familia, and then my parents and franziska and i found a cafe that was hard to find, called the forest of the fairies. a chick in guatemala from barcelona told us about it in september.  it was amazing, nothing more to say.  Then amazing dinner with all 80 people at a fancy restaurant at the beach. 5-6 tapas, free champagne and wine and whatever, then a huge fish platter with about 5 kinds of stuff on it.  franziska had a great cut of filet (beef).  Dinner was from 9pm to nearly midnight.

We were tired sunday but ended up finding a great museum and a nice asian late lunch on the harbor with a great view.  Another big dinner at night with everyone, about 20 minutes outside of town but oozing with charm and had a hunk of lamb that kicked ass.

group taxi to airport, fly to basel, bus to train station, running and missing a train, then the train and then tram and 3 minutes of walking. It feels so good to be home.  What a great weekend.

ps I didn’t like the pillows at the hotel.


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  1. horsty says:

    I’ve been to that cafe a couple of times too! Geilo!

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