I was a pretty good teacher yesterday.  The first class, rainy and cold at 10:15am on a Thursday morning, had 15 women and then, about 10 minutes into class, a guy came in.  When he did come in, I said, “Oh thank God, another one.  We gotta stick together, dude.”

We read a text on proofreading and then they got to practice by proofreading each other’s papers anonymously.  Their assignment is to edit their piece based on the comments of their peers.

The second class I put them into groups and they talked about 5 important issues and the positions on those issues held by Obama and McCain.

The third class we talked about couchsurfing, then read an article entitled “McCain for President” by one of the most German sounding Americans, Charles Krauthammer.

I had a two-hour break and went home for a bit and then went into the city again, this time for my “Understanding America” class with 5 students in it. I entertained and explained.

Now it’s Friday morning, I’m still tired at 10:12am, didn’t sleep too well, it’s cold and rainy outside and I barely have any food in the house and no cash.  I’ll probably find a way to get to the supermarket which is just 30 seconds walk away but still, it would be great to not have to go outside for a few hours.


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