Man oh man, am I outta control!

So Maya from Norway is currently in Israel on business.  She happened to get sent to the town (Haifa) where my my mom’s cousin and family live.  She said it was beautiful and the family was really nice and it sent a bug straight up my ass.

I’ve wanted to visit Israel for some time.  It’s one of the most important places on earth to visit, unlike Nicaragua or Norway (no offense, Maya) or Latvia or many other places I have been.  But Israel has one of the holiest cities on earth and many of the Bible’s locations are there.

I found an amazing deal online last night.  I was told that anything less than 500 dollars would be a good deal.  I found tickets for 340 bucks/person, including the super expensive train to the airport (~300bucks/person without the 50% off card that we have).  I had to talk Franziska into it, it’s hard for her to think more than a semester into the future and to be honest, this semester is only in the middle of the second week.  There is the off chance that she might not be able to make it because of some special school project but the chances are pretty small (knock knock knock) and so today, when I saw her at lunch at the 1euro for a kebap special through Baden FM where Oli works, I talked to her about it.  I told her that I had read a little bit about Israel and then, out of nowhere was this little sparkle in her eye, a look I hope to see often in life, and she said, all casual and shit, “Let’s go to Israel.”

Really, baby? I asked.  Yep, she said.  Woohoo! So, after lunch, we went home by tram and we booked tickets for a two week trip to Israel!  How exciting is that?

What this probably means is that I will, if it’s okay with her and her family, go up to Hamburg with Franziska for Easter. I was going to plan something for the week, like Sardinia but because we’re doing a pretty big trip just 6 weeks later, maybe we can spend the week up north, hanging out and visiting Hamburg and Kiel. It’s funny when I consider spending a week in/around Hamburg “not doing much” for Easter….hahahah

So, 2009 holidays are shaping up baby!


One Response to ISRAEL

  1. Maya says:

    Wohoo!!! Well done!! Great decision, you’re gonna love it! Israel should actually have been pri 1 on your travel list back when you were 26, so this is about time, tsk tsk! 🙂
    And Howard & family are great!! Wish I could co.. – actually, come to think of it, they need us down here again 2nd quarter of 2009!! So maybe it’s May!! That would be so awesome!!!

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