My room

That’s my view from the hammock I’m in right now.  There’s my new red bedspread I bought in Guatemala.  Very colorful, I guess, an aberration in an otherwise drab life… 🙂

I had a nice dinner with friends last night and then went and had a couple of beers at a bar next to that with a couple of my dinner companions.  I met Franziska at my place around 11:30pm.  I didn’t sleep enough last night but still found the wherewithal to spend about an hour preparing for the university classes, then cleaned a good portion of the flat, but not the bathtub 🙂 , and then took a bunch of our unrecyclable glasses down to the glass containers.  I met Franziska for a nice long walk of about an hour or so and we talked about all kinds of stuff, studies, travel, future, complaining about other things in life, it was a really special moment somehow, walking along the river with lots of other people out walking, biking, rollerblading, jogging, just enough people to remind you they’re there but not overwhelming at all, and the weather was crisp and it felt timeless.  I felt my future today and I really liked it.

No work tomorrow but I’ll probably get a haircut, make some photocopies for later in the week, go to lunch and then hopefully go jogging and do some writing. Other than that, I’ll be reading news and watching a dvd sometimes…you?




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