I’m definitely one of the time wasters out there.  I am addicted to spending my free time lying in a hammock with a laptop on my lap.  I did go jogging today, so that’s something.  I also cleaned my room and even put my nice new bedspread from Guatemala on the bed.  I’m doing laundry.  I’m doing some preparation for the university classes next week.  I’m doing stuff, but all from the hammock.

I’ve dinner plans with 3-4 other English teachers tonight, and maybe a couple of other native speakers, we’re gonna get some pizza, have a few brews and shoot some shit.  It’s got potential.  I’ll let you know how it went.

Last night I went to a concert with Franziska.  The guy’s name was Goetz Alsmann.  He normally is a host for a tv show but he also has like a latin swing band with just him and 3 other guys.  All the songs were in German and I was definitely not the normal demographic of person there. It was quite a few people my parents’ age and older.  He was a pretty funny entertainer but I had trouble understanding him often because he spoke so fast when he was telling one of these funny stories.  I often didn’t laugh when the rest of the people were laughing but at least I could feel in the timing of what he was saying when the laughs were coming.  It was like at those times I understood 50 percent of what he was saying but not what it really was about and how the humor fit in.  Still though, it was a nice evening that had begun with good Thai food, a beer in an Australian restaurant and then to a modern church hall for the show.


One Response to Wasting

  1. Corrie says:

    Dude, you definitely are not one who wastes time. If you were, I think you would still be in OC, don’t you?

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