Citizen’s Arrest

A woman in San Francisco yesterday tried to make a citizen’s arrest of Karl Rove at a political discussion with hundreds of people in attendance.  She was unsuccessful and then ushered off but it makes me think how little I’m doing about the things I feel strongly about.  She claimed it was for treason which is probably not the thing I would try and arrest him for.  That would be for politicization of the Justice Department, and well, now that I think about it, it’s hard to know what he should be arrested for.  This is a man who is the antithesis of what “Real America” is about.  He has allowed his political party to be more important than the country.  He has sent the American political process to a new low, and not to mention what could be his greatest crime, the outing of a CIA agent, Valerie Plame.  It’s a contentious topic with both sides with different opinions but I think that history will show that Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby actively tried to discredit someone by declassifying information on the fly and spending taxpayer dollars to ruin someone whose job it was to stop nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, arguably one of the most important jobs within the American Intelligence community.

On a lighter note, the weather was crap today, and it was hard getting out of bed.  I had a new class that normally has 4-5 students and today had 9 and I was not ready for so many students.  Then I had a class with some lawyers and we discussed the election and the cases they’re working on.  Then I had to take a train to the next town and had two classes there, nice people, mellow atmosphere, free coffee, okay copy machine, good pay.  It’s a good job to have.

I’m now chilling in the hammock and could do some writing tonight but I’m so happy to be in the hammock and listening to Howard Stern, I guess I’ll just do this for at least another hour or two, read some news and then read in bed before crashing out.  I have been pretty good about writing lately, have written about 15 typed pages worth so far, still working on the first day. The university starts tomorrow, it’s a big day for me.


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