Autumn in the Black Forest

Autumn in the Black Forest

Today could have been so much less than it turned out to be.  Coulda been more too, but that’s not exactly how I think and operate.  I woke up at 9:15am after 6 uneasy hours of sleep after an evening of pseudo-French disco-pop music and an hour with franziska’s roommate and my buddy who just happen to be a couple (anyone want a horsey ride?), I left with girl still half asleep in bed.  It was 10:40am and I had plans to maybe do something.

At first it had been Eguisheim, the mythical village across the Rhein River, but the connections without a car were crap and so we thought about Kaiserstuhl but no one but dr. d wanted to go.  She then suggested walking to Seepark but it didn’t work out like that.  First, we looked at my best-of photos for Central America and she helped me whittle them down to about 17 photos from 50.  Then we met another friend and the 3 of us went to the Muenster Markt where I got a sausage and they got Knoepfle.  Don’t ask.

We then had a fresh squeeze juice somewhere else and then walked up onto the big hill at the edge of the old town. we explored for about 2 hours, mostly leafy-footpaths and cool shade and warming sun, taking lots of pictures of burnt-colored leaves against a dark, moist ground.  It was a nice time with funny conversation (mostly me making an ass of myself) and then a piece of cake and Neuersuesser, aka new sweet wine, less alcoholic and sweeter but still really nice for a glass.

Now I’m in the hammock, listening to a Ryan Adams show from Thursday night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, pretty amazing stuff.  I’m planning on making dinner with Franziska tonight.

And now this:


A Republican congresswoman from Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann, thinks that Obama and other members of the “left” should be investigated for being anti-American.  Oy vey…


One Response to Leaves

  1. Mike says:

    Mmmm Neuersuesser. I was just describing that to someone the other day. Miss that stuff. And the currywurst in Muensterplatz too.

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