I went to france today

Was tired as hell, got picked up by Franziska and her parents about 10am, cold and windy with some hope for sun. I get into the nice mercedes and almost immediately told that I can call her parents by their first name, that’s a big deal in the German culture. I then proceeded to make a joke that they were only offerring me that because I brought their daughter back in one piece from Central America. Doesn’t matter, I’ll take it…

We went to Colmar, then a new place for me called Eguisheim which is amazingly pretty, we had some local food (tarte flambee), and then her parents bought 4 cases of wine from a winemaker and we drove through another village and then over to Staufen for a coffee.

We went to a nice cafe there and had coffee and the girls had cake and her dad had a chocolate milkshake and for some reason my carrot cake never came. It worked out fine in the end because I had some of Franziska’s. It was a little funny, the waitress was horrified that she’d forgotten, an unusual experience that tell you that’s what kind of place it was. Anyway, they gave me a mini tiramasu and then her folks dropped me off. We’d only been gone 7-8 hours but I’m exhausted.

I’m listening to some Jack Johnson bootlegs I downloaded today, very nice…


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