Drinking with Colleagues

Last night was the first night I had gone out with colleagues in more than 2 months and did we make the most of it. The boyfriend of one of them was visiting from Wales and he added to our discussions with serious ruminations on police reports and “transporting language”, whatever the hell that means! We ended up hitting 3 places, all of us surprised that it was already 1:30am as we were leaving. But I had a great time, talking about Burning Man, various scenes and moments from Central America and childhood.

It’s raining now and I’m not too motivated to do much today, the most important thing I have going on is a private lesson at 7pm. I also get to see Franziska for the first time in a week and a half. She’s driving down from way up north with her folks.

I also picked up the photos from Central America yesterday. I wasn’t too happy with the photos but there are definitely a few good ones in there. I’ll be lucky to find 15 that could be used in an exhibition. I have to learn some more stuff about cameras and want to take a class or hang out with some more knowledgeable photographers because my zoomed shots were often grayed out for lack of light I’m guessing.

I had a phone call this morning with a company out somewhere (don’t remember the name of the town) but they would like to have now a second class with me until Xmas. That is enormously good news, that means every Tuesday I can earn 120 euros in a few hours out in the sticks. That’s 480euros/month until Xmas which is the foundation for most of my bills. I like…

It’s now noon, I guess I can clean up my room some more and try and organize some stuff but I’m caught up in reading news and wondering whether I could stay up late enough to watch the Vice-Presidential debates tonight, it’ll be on like 3am my time…


2 Responses to Drinking with Colleagues

  1. JennyinJapan says:

    Did you ever catch the Veep debate? Good stuff…

  2. horsty says:

    Ahh, that night sounds like something I was supposed to have been part of

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