A shout out

Well, this is my last full day in the States for about 2.5 months until I come back for Xmas in mid-December. I’m sure that time will fly but still, I have to try and squeeze in all the American stuff I want into today. What will that include? In-n-Out Burger with my buddy Chad, doing some last minute shopping for DVDs (Chuck Season 1 anyone??) and also buying some more clothes with a gift card I have for JC Penny. I’m also going to BBQ with my folks and meet my buddy Zach to possibly watch the Dodgers clinch the division tonight.

And that leads me back to my shout out. I just wanted to give a shout out to my folks, who have always been there for me, supported me, even in the midst of decisions they weren’t totally sure about, i.e., moving to Germany, going to Central America, etc. etc. etc…But they are so generous and caring and even though we are on different sides of the political spectrum for the most part, they are still good people! hahah, just kidding, of course they are. Anyway, this is just a little reminder for all of you out there to make sure to tell the people that mean something to you that they, well… mean something to you.



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