I went so you didn´t have to

Just came back from 2 days at the ¨nicest of Guatemala´s Pacific coastal towns¨and you will be happy to know that I am saving you a trip.

It was 2 plus hours from Antigua and we arrived at a hotel we didn´t like but took it for 20 bux because it was right on the beach. Then we walked down the black sand beach over a mile to another place in the book that was infinitely nicer for 7 dollars more a night. The waves were monstrous and the undertow visible from the slant of the beach towards the water. We went back to our original hotel, lied about seeing someone we knew at another place down the beach and they gave us most of our money back and we laughed (as much as we could in the scorching humid heat) all the way back to our new hotel. It had a cute little pool and the best mosquito net of the trip, something not to be taken lightly at this point.

We could hear the waves crashing on the beach while sleeping but unfortunately it was just too dangerous to go in and there wasn´t another soul more or less on the entire beach. Our hotel didn´t have dinner so we had to go to the nice hotel next door. It was expensive and we had cheeseburgers for two straight meals. I wasn´t feeling well so I didn´t even eat dinner last night and a serious crazy storm whipped up last night and woke us up and I had to close the blinds more to keep some of the wind out. Woke up with about 20 new little bites, probably from an ant, all around my stomach. It rained and rained all morning and poured on the drive back to Antigua.

Tomorrow we check into the nice timeshare for our last 5 days here in Central America. I ready for civilization again, and looking forward to normal food! hahah


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