Lake Atitlan

well, we have made it to one of our last destinations of this epic journey, bringing a trail of dust, bug bites and diarrehea with us.

Semuc Champey, the end of the world in the middle of Guatemala was something you do not forget easily. But wait, do I have to go back to Tikal and the Maya temples in northern Guatemala? We saw the sunrise sitting on the top of a Maya temple 70 meters in the air and had a great guide to show us these ruins that were at the height of power around 700AD.

We had 2 amazing sunsets in Flores drinking cheap beer on a small terrace on the lake and even saw a drunk local dive into the lake for our amusement. Thanks dude!

The long bus ride from Flores to Semuc Champey was 2 or 3 hours longer than they had promised but it was worth it. In the midst of a deep valley along a river was a small hostel with bungalows. The last 20 km of the road was steep and dirt and bumpy. 20km may not seem like a lot but I guess you have not been on so many slow bumpy roads like that in your life but the scenery was amazing, deep valley of lush greenery and corn and sheer limestone cliffs all competing for the fading sunlight.

There are some natural limestone pools for swimming, all the while the river is somehow flowing underneath the pools and you cannot see them. It was incredible.

Yesterday we got up at 6am, and from 7am to 6.30pm we were in private shuttles, paying a whopping 38 dollars each to get us there but in normal busses we would have needed at least 2 full days of travel to get there. We ended up choosing an overwhelmingly crappy hotel last night called Hospedaje Santa Elena which depressed us, us both having some food wanting to come out quickly and painfully, yeah!!! hahaha

We are in Panajachel, the biggest town on Lake Atitlan. Tomorrow we are going to the village of San Pedro. We bought 100 dollars worth of souvenirs today after some bargaining but I do not want to say what they were because some of them are for my folks and I know some of you would tell them!

Less than 2 weeks left in this 6 week trip, aching for some normalcy soon but I know it will come soon enough. Cheers yall!


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