I slept!

Yep, still sweating but at least I got some sleep last night, had not had a good night of sleep in 2 weeks. We stayed on a Finca, like a working ranch and had a pretty good dinner and were asleep by 10pm. The reason we were there is because we were unable to get money in Livingston as I said and so we took off.

The boat to take us back to Rio Dulce did not work for a half hour and so we drifted in the waters between the river and the Caribbean. We got back to Rio Dulce around 3pm, finally were able to get money so I took money out twice and then took a bus 2 hours to the Finca. Along the way we saw a turned over semi that was burned out and still smoking a bit.

Shit is expensive here in Guatemala. The dinner was 8 bucks last night, twice was the dorm bed cost. True, the dorm bed was inexpensive but it has been a bit of sticker shock here so far.

We are taking a bus at 5am tomorrow to go to Tikal, some famous Maya ruins. Then we will have about 2 plus weeks to check out southern Guatemala.

Stay strong folks and be glad that the fear of diarrehea is not your first thought when deciding which food to order from the menu!


2 Responses to I slept!

  1. Mooney says:

    Dude, I had to create a new profile just so you know I read this evry often. It souds like a soul building trip. You have reminded me once again of how awsome it is to have so many healthy food choices at my beck and call. You two keep hanging in there, and know that the rest of us are at work! Enjoy and appreciate it all my friend. You have a life that makes others jealous. Hope you both have better luck with the food. Peace from SD.
    ~ Mooney

  2. horsty says:

    Look at this, you remember Mairead, right? So interesting reading her blog about centr. am. and yours.. I have to say, her trip sounds nicer, hahaha

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