i’m going to get the last immunization shots before my trip to central america today, not to mention an overdue dental check up. tomorrow will be our last day in the States for 6 weeks, an adventure is beginning.

We went to the pageant of the masters last night, an “tableau vivant” art exhibition with real people in famous paintings standing still so it looks like the original. It’s been going on for 75 years now and is probably one of the oldest art exhibitions in the world (one of, I said).

Today Franziska will finally get a chance to see what my local dive bar looks like and hopefully meet some more of my friends before we take off.

How are you?


One Response to shots

  1. AZNolan says:

    Hey JB,
    I’m finally checking in now that Lisa hooked up a link from our website (
    I see you are heading to Central America soon. It’s been a while since Lisa and I were there (b.k. before kids) but I would highly suggest hitting up a place called Mal Pais in Costa Rica near Punta Arenas and if your are heading to the Caribbean side don’t miss Cajuita parque nacional. You can hitchhike easily there from Puerto Limon from any friendly local.
    As for Guatemala be sure visit Panajachel and Santiago Atitlan. Also, don’t miss the market in Chichicastenango. It is a chicken bus ride from Antigua but well worth it, for just a few quetzales you can buy all of your Xmas gifts and it is quite an experience with all the market chaos.
    Take care, be safe! I’ll check in more now that I’m linked with your blog.

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