Sunday afternoon

I woke up at 9:44am, Franziska still asleep for awhile, went and got some breakfast that we could have with some coffee and then graded some exams and chilled out for awhile.

Now it’s 3:44pm and I’m listening to the Black Crowes playing Remedy from a mere 3 days ago. Franziska and I just had an interesting conversation about their music. At first she used the phrase “very mediocre” to describe their music and of course I couldn’t let that sit there but in the end, it’s okay, so we like different music, big deal. It’s not like we’re different religions or something…oh wait, nevermind.

The 4th of July party was a great time, about 7 Americans and their entourage took up two standard orange benches with a plastic American-themed tablecloth. We had ribs and fries and salad, there was some country and then some funk music with a dude getting down to the tunes.

One of my “friends” who shall remain nameless apparently did something which was quite foolish. As we were all getting ready to leave, he put some lighter fluid on one of the flags and tried to burn it. I didn’t see all of this going down but just put it together afterward. It was a shocking moment for me and something that I totally disapprove of.

People are free to express themselves as they wish but within reason, right? I think I of anyone could make a case for being upset about many things happening in America and I could express many of them calmly and thoroughly but that kind of behavior is just straight up unacceptable.

So, Franziska has gone to a movie with her roomie, I think Fox and Oli will come over in a couple of hours to make dinner and then later the ole ball and chain will come back over… just kidding baby! hahahaah


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