2008 is half over. What are you doing with your lives? Seriously, a half of a year is gone and what do we have to show for it? I had one measley photo exhibition in Romania, have done no writing virtually with the exception of journaling, and have done some travelling. Ok, well, maybe more than a little but… And I do have a new girlfriend, that is definitely something. I have a new job (a private company that signed up for 6 weeks at 40euros/hour).

But what, really? In a way, I totally wasted the first half of 2008. In other ways, not at all. If I had no artistic inclinations, I think I would feel even more satisfied about my life but there is this constant quiet nagging (no, not the girlfriend, haha) saying to me things like:

*hey dude, why aren’t working on “A Humorous Guide to Leaving the Country”?

*hey dude, why don’t you finish “Selling to the Norwegians”?

*hey dude, when are you going to get all your negatives organized and make a portfolio?

*hey dude, when are you going to try and send some of your photos in to be published in magazines?

*hey dude, why aren’t you taking pictures of Freiburg and the area in order to practice technique?

Those are just some of the questions that keep coming into my head but here we are, 2:26pm on a Tuesday and I have the rest of the day off, here’s what I want to do:

*watch some WWII documentary
*drink something with ice cubes in it
*have dinner with my girlfriend
*go to bed at a reasonble hour because I have to get up early tomorrow

But hey, I enjoy this moment, it’s necessary, I need the downtime because often I’m on the go A LOT and it’s nice to being here and relaxing. God knows this summer I’ll be on the go enough…


One Response to 1/2

  1. horsty says:

    The last one is easy though, and fun. Taking pictures around Freiburg? Fun. Document one of your days, take pictures of class even. And then post them here for us to see

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