Quintessential Summer

I’m sitting in a darkened room with a fan on…

There is an amazingly beautiful day outside, probably a little hot actually and in 6 hours is the Euro Cup finale with Germany and Spain. It’s going to be wild to say the least.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I helped a friend move for a couple hours and then cleaned up and went to another friend’s little afternoon garden party. There were about 8 of us drinking a few beers, eating some good barbecue food and chatting about everything and nothing. I stayed there until about 7pm and then some of the other guests walked with me into the city and then we enjoyed the weather, sitting and having a beer in 3-4 public places last night. We also got to see 10 minutes of a concert in a church with a violinist, and a cello player and I couldn’t see the other guy but it was transcendant music and put me in one of those moments where you know that you are in Europe, something that is so foreign to most people back home, sitting and drinking beer in a small square with a church and then just happening to have small concerts that night for about 5 bucks but they let us in to watch the end of it, then we went to the main outdoor chilling area in the city and were with about 200 other people sitting on steps or cobblestones and just chilling and drinking and talking and more friends joined us and we got talked into going to a club and then were sitting on a couch on a small balcony overlooking the even smaller dancefloor, enjoying the vibration of “wrong song played” to “this is the right song to play”, deciding all of this based on how much the people danced to it.

There were also a huge wine festival in one corner of the old town and there thousands of extra people in the city, also at the main church, people eating and drinking and having a great time last night, the night before this huge football game.

We’re still up in the air about going to Rome. I’ve been trying hard to find a host there and we have found one for Friday but not for Saturday or Sunday yet and for some reason this morning it discouraged me. The thing is, that little 4 day trip will easily cost me 200 euros and Chick F a hundy and we’re about to go on a HUGE, and somewhat expensive trip for the WHOLE summer so maybe if we didn’t spend 300 euros next weekend, and instead just went for the day or even one night across the rhein river to Alsace in France in a small, charming village and spent 100 euros total, ya know? Rome kicks ass (although I can’t say I loved it the first time I was there) but it will be there next year too.

We’ll see…I haven’t seen Chick F for 9 days and she just got into town about 9:30am and has been sleeping the past couple of hours. I’m looking forward to seeing her and we’re planning on watching the game together.

Ciao, people!


2 Responses to Quintessential Summer

  1. serfmunke says:

    I still love Rome. We spent our last honeymoon night there and got tanked! Drank 5 bottles of wine that evening/night. If you want to know where we love to go and enjoy a crazy piano player, let me know and I will tell you where to go. It is not far from the trainstation.

    Bummer for Germany:( I am sure they played well.

  2. horsty says:

    Winefest! Augustinerplatz! Man, I can’t wait!

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