Dear Barack, who asked me for money…

yeah, but why don’t you oppose telecom immunity??? I’m a registered democrat but have no qualms about helping elect people who are NOT incumbents when those already in power think that giving telecoms a get out of jail card is the right thing to do. If I broke a law like they did, I would be looking at hard time. Sorry I can’t contribute millions to your campaign, maybe I could…

Barack, please know that I support your candidacy. You are by far the right choice for this country between the 2-3 of you (you, mccain, and barr, etc) but that doesn’t mean that I will blindly follow you. You alone can stop this FISA legislation. I live in germany but am reigstered to vote in California.

good luck and as they say in Germany, “I’ve got my thumbs pressed for you”.

p.s. This is what I just wrote back to a fundraising email…


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