I’ve just recently spent about 350 dollars on concert tickets. I have 1 ticket for the Dec 18th, 4 for the 19th and 2 for the 20th of December at the Fillmore in San Francisco to see the Black Crowes. These will be their last 3 shows of the year and should prove epic. I’m super excited about it, I have not seen 3 Crowes’ shows back to back to back since May 2001 when I saw May 12, 14 and 15 in Santa Barbara and LA with Oasis.



One Response to 18/19/20

  1. serfmunke says:

    Hey J, I just bought a Black Crowes ticket to the Jim Thorpe show on Sunday July 6th. The Philly shows, all three, are sold out. So I bought this one, it is about 1.5 hours away and should be more mellow than the city shows. I am excited!! The town is actually pretty cool and outdoorsie. It is on the way to our mountain home, trailer, whatever, retreat and I have wanted to hang out in Jim Thorpe for a while, so it worked out:) Maybe I will even get some moutain biking in, like the good old days of Flagstaff.

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