One reason McCain ain’t the guy

I’m sure it will become clear that the only ways that Obama could lose the election in November would be:

1)there’s a video of him sniffing coke off of a stripper’s ass in the back of a limo while his wife is screaming out the window with a megaphone about the dangers of trusting “whitey”.
2)there’s another terrorist attack and people think that the Republicans are better on national security
3)Clinton undermines Obama somehow.

McCain may make this all redundant if he keeps saying stuff like “Vladimir Putin, the president of Germany” like he said in a speech a couple of days ago. Where do we start with this? Germany is one of our allies. He doesn’t know that the leader of Germany is called a Chancellor and that is a woman named Angela Merkel. Putin is no longer even the president of Russia, he is the prime minister.

We do NOT need this kind of careless idiocy running the free world, what little Bush has left free in the past year…


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