Are you ready for some foooOOootballlLLlll???

That’s right folks, football is back with a vengeance.

Some of you may be asking me, jason, what the hell are you talking about? Quarterbacks and running backs haven’t even reported to camp yet well guess what, I’m not talking ’bout THAT football…

The 2008 European Soccer Championships have begun, with Czech Republic and Portugal beating Switzerland and Turkey 1-0 and 2-0, respectively. Tonight, at 8.45pm, when most of the Federal Republic of Germany is watching a show called Tatort, Germany will be playing against Poland, a team that gave them a hell of a time 2 years ago in the World Cup. The weather appears to be holding up and this game is going to dictate how the next week of work is going to feel: either great, everything sliding by because Germany won or gloom and focus on schoolwork while waiting and dreading Thursday’s game 2.

I’m going to be wearing my Deutschland shirt, a Germany sweat band and a german flag-colored lei. It’s all part of my very pro-Germany weekennd after getting my work permit a few days ago.

The Daily Show on CNN is starting now, the 30 minutes of week I watch TV. Ciao!


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