I’m going to count this chicken before it hatches

It’s been an interesting day.

I woke up with my alarm at 7.01am. Normally I wake up before it. I checked emails and was happy and hopeful and interested to see Barack Obama had secured enough delegates to secure the nomination for Democratic candidate for president. I showered, listening to my friend Oli on the radio. There was a “stranger”, aka new couchsurfer, in the living room sleeping.

I was waiting for the 7.39am tram. It disappeared off the schedule and the next one, at 7.44am was shown. I had a two-sentence conversation with a stranger next to me about how strange that was. Then the tram came one minute later.

I was going to buy a croissant or something from the bakery but was shocked when the thing I wanted cost 1.40euro. I had expected 1.10. I took a pretezel for 55 cents. I know you think it’s cheap of me but the pretzel served its purpose.

I taught a beginner class.

I rushed around the corner and “taught” two lawyers for an hour. We discussed the election and how Barack Obama had won the nomination. I tried to tell them how McCain has been making gaffe after gaffe (they had to learn the word) and that Clinton didn’t even congratulate Obama in her speech. In a moment of passion, I used the word ‘bullshit’ in class. 🙂

I took a tram in misty rain to the station, saw another English teacher, a Scottish woman in her 50s at the station. She was going to Loerrach, where I was teaching the day before. We parted ways and I took a train 12 minutes, walked 2 minutes to a bus which took me 13 minutes to my stop, a roundabout in the middle of nowhere, green flat fields on the right and two different companies on the left in flat buildings. The roundabout had a name.

I walked in the directin of one of the low buildings and from the second floor I saw an old student waving at me. He was the one that had referred me for the job interview I was walking into. Up some steps, down a long corridor and now in the room of the boss who has a pink shirt and tie on the telephone. The interview starts, I’m sweating and speaking a mix of German and Badisch and they were speaking Badisch. I would say that about 15% of what was said I didn’t understand. Hell, I met for 30 minutes with one of the managers of the companies and essentially convinced him to pay me 40euros for ever 60 minutes I’m at his company teaching. That is more than 60 dollars an hour! I signed them up (actually, I’ll get the decision officially tomorrow but he seemed to think it would be yes and I think it’s his decision) for 6 weeks of classes. Those 360euros are not needed but I’m happy to work for them.

I got a ride to the station, took a train back and then rode my bike in the mist and worked out for about 40 minutes and then rode my bike to the English department where I made some copies and saw two teacher-friends of mine. I guess we’ll call them freachers from now on.

I rode my bike home and received two letters. One was from the bank that money was in it. The other was from… wait for it…..

The Auslaenderbehoerde. Now I know some of you have no idea what that is but I assure you it has been the bane of my exisitence for 26 months. They are otherwise known as the Foreign Authorities or some such agency to document the foreigners in the country, or, in this case, in the city. I called to verify what: please bring your passport, a photo and 150 euros meant. I’ve had some chain-tugging going on from them for quite some time so I wanted verificiation. I called the boss and he seemed to say that yes, you will get a Niederlassungerlaubnis tomorrow. Now I know some of you have no idea what that is but I assure you it has been the Holy Grail for me the past 26 months. It is within my grasp.

I am now listening to Howard Stern, eating lunch and happy as fuck. And tired.


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