Needles Highway

I haven’t really thought too much of the Needles Highway in nearly 8 years. It’s in SW South Dakota, leading towards or away from Rapid City. I drove through there in June 2000 and that fall the road (not the experiences, really) made it into a book I wrote about Quebec Separatism called Using Toonies.

The reason I’m thinking about it is because I have two couchsurfers from South Dakota in my place now. Actually, they’re both out enjoying the evening but the point is, they are from Rapid City and it made me want to list some places around there I visited. And I remembered Needles Highway. It’s definitely in the middle of nowhere but it winds around some strange shapes on the landscape and there were buffalo and nearby was Mount Rushmore. It was a memorable time.

I’m going to let them read the passage about Needles Highway in the book.

Oh yeah, I was also at an art exhibition meeting at 10am this morning with artists from Germany, Iran, Japan and America. It was a very interesting time, and then I went to the gym by myself and sweat it out an hour while listening to bad pop music on the radio speakers and no one to talk to…

Jack Johnson’s new album “Sleep Through the Static” is fantastic, by the way.


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