It’s finally hit home to me. The former press sectary to Bush, Scott McClellan, has come out with a book chiding the media for being “too deferential” to the Bush Administration. How can it be called a liberal media when the Republican President’s own ex-press secretary accuses the press of not being hard enough on the president? He went so far as to say that Bush propagandized the war and that Karl Rove and Scooter Libby at best “misled” him as to their involvement in former CIA agent Valerie Plame’s outing in 2003.

And here’s the point. I would guess that my parents and many people back home in Orange County would think that in some ways, the president hasn’t been doing a good job or they “don’t approve of the job he’s doing.” That doesn’t make them liberal for feeling that way but that’s how the debate has been framed. Many people are going to vote for John McCain who are absolutely disgusted by Bush’s presidency. That doesn’t make them liberals. Hell, you wouldn’t know by watching the “liberal media”, but McCain is attempting to become even more conservative (or at least in the lowest forms just pandering to various factions until after the election) than Bush ever was. But somehow speaking out against the president makes you a “liberal” and the way the word is said by some “conservatives” makes you think their mouthes had to take the trash out.

There are very many conservatives things about me. I think we should conserve our national parks. I think we should conserve our natural resources. I think we should conserve by avoiding a never-ending (or -winning) war that is bleeding the treasury dry through various shell companies but many of it ending up in wealthy suburbs of DC and LA and Riyadh and London and Tel Aviv. I think we should conserve government’s influence on our day-to-day lives, weather it be regulating language on television/radio, decriminalizing marijuana, thereby allowing many DEA agents to work on more important people, like people flying planes of cocaine into America.

I think we should conserve ourselves. I am more or less a “free spender”, a pretty good customer of spending money but I do not lose any of my money monthly to “interest” owed to various credit card companies, etc. I conserve my money in other ways.

Anyway, just because you disagree with what the president is doing, if you think he should be impeached, if you think he should be put on trial for possible war crimes, these things do not necessarily make you a liberal. I have become a “librul” not because I live in Europe. It’s not because of the War (at least it wasn’t). It was because I lived in Europe, and because of the War and most importantly, I started seeking out more information. This started big after I got back from South America 20 months ago, I started to want to know more what was happening in the world. The search for knowledge became a never-ending wormhole where at any minute you expect to see a small guy in the center of the earth pulling a bunch of levers. It’s funny because while we’ll “never know” “everything”, that little guy pulling the levers probably won’t be as far from the truth as we think…


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