It’s 11.30am Sunday morning, breakfasted and sitting in quiet half darkness while a pretty nice day rages outside. I went to sleep around 3.30am and was up just before 10, wanted more sleep but that’s how it was. I went down to the supermarket which to an American is more like a 7-11 on steroids. I had eggs and sausage and a bread roll and some canned fish in a mustard-dill sauce.

It’s hard to describe how good it feels to be home. The trip was intense, mostly because there was so little downtime (though there was some but mostly it was spent in internet cafes), and by couchsurfing every night, it meant having to be “on” constantly. I can do it, but when you combine that with not getting enough sleep and not being as clean as you’d like, and eating foods that are mostly fried because some of the other stuff you aren’t too sure about, having to keep your wits about you walking down a dirt road in a small village, feeling vaguely threatened but mostly be the foreignness of it all.

Brasov was a nice town, with beautiful surroundings and enough energy to give it some “umph”. Sighisoara was small and antiquated and charming beyond belief and yet almost tearingly in need of repair but ironically, it’s that lack of repair that gives a charm that should really just be a memory in this day and age. Sibiu was pretty with a huge main square with well-renovated buildings. It looked like Romania for tourists like my parents, at least in the center. Outside the main center it looked like regular Romania. And finally Cluj was fun. Cluj had lots of international young people running around there and plenty of cafe life and the such. It was definitely the largest of the 4 places. I met some great people on the trip, and some of the couchsurfers I met were Boti, Hans, Leonie, Julie, Monica, Isa, Christian, George, Brice, Solene, Szende, Elisa, Marius, Corina, David, Bogi. Crazy, right? These are people from Romania, Germany, America, China, and France. These are all people I MET while in Romania for 8 days. I’m sorry but in any other form of travelling (with the exception of a church retreat or gathering) will you get to know so many different kinds of people.

I’m going to watch a movie soon in my darkened room, hopefully nap a bit and take a memorable shower, call the folks, make some dinner, and then Chick F will be coming over. We haven’t seen each other in 8 days and we’ve got a few things to say to each other. 🙂 Don’t have to work again until Wednesday at 8am. I could have stayed in Romania 3 more nights but I was done. I was tired and everything I had was dirty but it wasn’t worth it to do laundry and I just needed to feel my nest to get recharge, ya know?


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