After a 6-hour train ride yesterday, I found the place where two French couchsurfers were, Solene and Brice. Super nice and friendly people. They had a small cartoon workshop and had some apertif and then gave away two trips to France to a couple of the students at the workshop!

We then had dinner in a nice restaurant where I had stuffed cabbage and polenta and a beer for about 5euros. Our topics or conversation ranged from sex to Palestine. It was an interesting dinner to say the least. Then we went to a cafe for a couchsurfing meeting and there it got out of control. There were about 10 people there and were speaking all sorts of languages, romanian, hungarian, german, english, spanish, greek but all mixed and people were changing languages before my eyes and I knew that this one of the reasons I moved to Europe and am a couchsurfer.

My host and I took a taxi home around 12.30am and the driver was an electrical engineer by day and a taxi driver at night, something that sure as hell don’t happen in California!

Had a very comfortable bed to sleep in, not quite enough sleep but enough to get me home today, had a good breakfast and am now in the city center with a few hours to kill before heading home and I wanted to make sure that i could update ya’ll before being in transit again.


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