A to the B to the B to the motherfuckin A

Can one go anywhere in the world without hearing “Dancing Queen” by ABBA? Sweet Jesus, just when I was getting used to the idea of being in an internet cafe in a glorified cave in a village with at best 3 full sets of teeth on comes Dancing Queen. Of course there are almost no other people in here and one of the main reasons I’m here is because this little layover wasn’t as satisfying as I’d hoped. After trouncing around 14th century (it felt like it at least) Apold the other day, I was told Medias would be similar but no, it’s actually like a small town but feels like a village. Too many buildings have been painted recently and it was so unbelievably creepy seeing the hottest chick in town (was she 15 or 25, who knows) being followed by 3-4 poorly dressed, partially untoothed freaks smiling like they couldn’t wait until she got around the corner. I can’t believe i”m going to spend another 2.5 hours in this town. I wonder if I should apply for a job, start drinking beer or both.

On another note, the exhibition went well last night, if by well I mean 7 people sitting on a white rug in the middle of the room surrounded by candles and telling stories about our grandfathers in WWII. Let’s get the most disturbing recorded for posterity: the Romanian guy (he’s a Saxon which means he has German roots and German is his first language) said one of his grandfathers joined the SS and manned a guard tower at a concentration camp. When he came back to Romania after the war, he was often beaten by police and died sometime in the early 50s. He also described how it was after the war apparently. New prisoners are brought into the jail and are befriended by the old ones who induce them to agree that the new regime is shit and then, after a familiarity was developed, proceeded to beat the shit out of the newbies for saying bad things about the regime. They made the people tell all the worst things of their lives, “admitting” they had raped their mothers and sisters and in this way, the Romanian concluded, they were able to kill the spirits of the people. I guess so…

Jason needs a few things, namely:
1)a proper night sleep that includes no floor, nothing inflated, nothing with an obscene bar running through it.
2)A shower with an unlimited amount of hot water
3)a toilet with running water and unlimited toilet paper and a lock
4)food whose provenance I am fairly certain of. I ordered a small pizza at the station today and part of it had the beginnings of mold on it so I only ate the top of it and left the other 2/3 alone. I’ll let you know if the third I ate was okay
5)TLC… 🙂


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