a story from my buddy, Dude A

So fun…spelling was second priority to remebering to tell you. So Dude W and I drove to Laughlin on Friday. Met up with his bro and cousin and three friends. One named Zack Something , who knew of me and hoped he would be able to live up to my reputation. It could not have been a more “city from America” group! We are all basically wired the same. We partied hard!!! Long story short we got to the “Losers Lounge” the place to be to party hardy. We arrive along side 12 Bacheloretts from CA as well. they were fun and we spent the entire night dancing and frolicing until their bride to be finally concked out for the long hall (really really drunk girl) I went after the hottest one, and got the 2 hours later, “I have a boyfriend” So I drank more red-bull vodka’s (so bad…but soo good at the time) I dance with a chick “A” for ahwile and she bails to her husband. So I end up closing the bar out at 8am with one other guy in the place watching a Janis Joplin cover band. I was their “one day worlds greatest fan” Almost fucked Janis (big big girl) Dodged a bullet and retired after greeting all the morning folks on their way to work. Wake up went to pool got wasted, and Dude W and I played on a Pai-gow table for 6 hours, winning 40 bucks each anf drinking 15-18 free drinks. Parlay that to another night back to the ” Losers Lounge” I’m on the dance floor with no hesitation to pick up where I left off. These two black chick see me and are like” Look at white boy” so they come over and freek me at the same time (personal moment that goes in my record books) we get dirty, I’m slamming my hand on the ground for the song lyric “to window..to the floor, to floor” Great shit. So them after freeking a few of the bachelorettes from the night before, I was approached by married chick A. She grinds me I grind her, I say lets smoke a cig (real smart) and we go up the the upper deck and put on a “Grituitous Display of PDA” I was dry banging this girl in public doggie, spider, cowboy, reverse cowboy. At one point we are on the floor I’m kissing her poon outside her pants, she’s holding my cock etc…She had her limits though, as a good married women should? Either way the dancing comboed with red bull vodkas started making me feel ill, so I was like listen fuck mushy goodbyes ( after a 2 hour make out) so I said take care and split. Long story short Dude W wakes me up after 2 hours sleep and says lets get the fuck out of here. I hated him for 5 min, but realized he was right. A really hard 6 hour drive home went down, and we made it. That place kicks ass. No frills, no shows, just hardcore party people who like to gamble, drink, dance and I’m sure some acctully get laid too. I needed to drop my standards a little to achyieve that. Speaking of which one of the guys in our group apparently lap danced the seven yes seven fattest girls in the place, and bopped his penus on one of their heads in the club. He friends quote was priceless, “It was sooo fucking humiliating”. Worse even is that the bachelors wife to be, is going there on her bachelorette party next weekend. I wouldn’t send my girl there!That’s that, i have to work now,Peace out,
I don’t condone any of the above behavior but wanted the world to know it does indeed exist and was probably nearly as fun as it sounds! 🙂 Thanks to Dude A for living like that sometimes…


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